It’s an Event!

JUZDIZRTS is a new Author Event where a soon to be published or currently published writer can relish in their own “Just Deserts.”

So, What Does That Mean? 

Well, authors need a variety of avenues to publicize themselves whether they have decided to self-publish and become an Indie Author or have been able to follow the traditional route through a known publishing house.  Finding venues in your region, or a nearby region, is not always an easy task and the Big Name Book Stores often have a waiting list or do not allow for author readings – just signings.

Often, though, unless a paramount of publicity has gone into supporting an event, one single author has difficulty bringing in a crowd of literary fans to hear a sample of their new work.

How Does it Work?

JUZDIZRTS is an “Author Event” – meaning multiple authors/writers coming together to draw a larger crowd with which to reach potential new readers and fans.  Each author innately has their own entourage of friends and family who support them at such events – now times that by 5 and just with an amalgamation of support groups, who we know already relish in the literary arts, already a small crowd has assembled without a pinch of publicity.

That doesn’t mean that JUZDIZRTS doesn’t publicize!  The chosen location for the event will post flyers and keep information book marks about the event available near the front register for casual patrons to find; social networking including the use of this website/blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, author blogs, and press releases to local media are all part of the package.  There will even be a free draw for door prizes to honour those patrons who sit with us during the hour of readings.

Who’s Invited?

So, if you are a new or soon to be published author or writer (yes, that includes poets and writers of non-fiction), be sure to check out the FOR AUTHORS tab to see how to be apart of this new event.

If you are an avid reader or a fervent supporter of local talent, please be sure to check out the FOR GUESTS tab for more information.

Hope to see you there! 2014 Tag

Melissa Moores, Event Director

2014 Dates:

York Region – in Aurora @ On The Bean, Sat. April 26th 3-5pm

Peel Region North – Fall (TBA)

JUZDIZRTS is the not-for-profit branch of Infinite Pathways, a resource website for new and emerging authors.


2 comments on “What is JUZDIZRTS?

  1. Melissa: nicely done, the site looks great. The venue is much needed. I certainly believe in eating my cake… especially as it took me such a long time to serve it up. Paul Telegdi

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