The 1st Author Event of 2014

We Have A Winner!

On the BeanOn The Bean, a fantastic cafe just off Yonge St. in North Aurora, is hosting JUZDIZRTS’ 1st Author Event for 2014.

Cafe owner Frank Gu is excited to share his authentic home-style coffee house with local authors ready to reach out to the community.

The event will be held Saturday April 26th, 2014 from 3pm-5pm.

If you, or a writer a you know, are interested in participating in the Author Reading/Signing/Meet & Greet please contact the Event Director, Melissa Moores, using the CONTACT Tab on this page.

Of 6 possible author positions, 2 are already claimed.

Ideally, we would like to offer positions to new readers in order to spread the word about as many local authors as possible.  Participants from previous years are invited to attend the readings and bring their wares but may not have an opportunity to read as time is limited.  Should positions to read remain open after the end of February, offers to read will be extended on a first come, first serve basis to seasoned authors of the event.

Come join in the fun and reach out to the community – get your just deserts today!


A Fantastic Event Shared With Wonderful Authors

Glitches & Ghosts in the Attic Aside – The Feedback Has Been Awesome!

Congratulations everyone for making part 2 of JUZDIZRTS An Author Event a truly successful endeavor.  We had a fabulously diverse audience of all ages to match the magnanimous authors for which the event celebrated.

With a turnout of 35+ listeners for the readings and the high-energy conversation that followed during the meet & greet we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

As photos trickle in from various participants and audience members I look forward to posting a collage of the readings for your purview.

I hope to see each and every one of you again next year as the JUZDIZRTS Author Event prepares to partner with the WCYR (Writer’s Community of York Region) and a new book-related venue.

Good luck and happy reading/writing to all!

Melissa Moores, Event Director


JUZDIZRTS @ Covernotes in Newmarket!

Saturday August 17th from 1-3pm


The Newmarket JUZDIZRTS Author Event is less than 24hrs away.  You have had an opportunity to read about each author here on the official blog website and read an excerpt of their writing.  Now is the time to show your support in person if you live locally to the event.  We can’t wait to meet each and every person who has been following our progress these last few months. 

Should you be unable to attend due to time or distance, know that we carry your dedication with us in our hearts as we make tomorrow and event to remember.

Here is the official line up for the hour of readings:

V. M. Gopaul (Thriller) – 10 min.

Adrienne Clarke (Fantasy) – 10 min.

Murielle Bollen (Travel) – 10 min.

S. D. Livingson (Children’s Mystery) – 10 min.

Isobel Warren (Historical) – 10 min.

Sue Battle (Contemporary) – 5 min.

Erika Willaert (Science Fiction) – 5 min.

Our free door-prize draw allows each attendee one free ticket with a minimal donation request of $1 for additional tickets.  The draw is sponsored by Covernotes Tea & Coffee House and The Writer’s Community of York Region along with each participating author.

Don’t forget to stay for a chance to meet and talk with the authors immediately after the readings.

See you tomorrow!

JUZDIZRTS @ Covernotes Richmond Hill

Here’s a sneak peak at today’s author readings!

For anyone who joined us at the Author Event today I humbly request a sharing of pictures!  Unfortunately, I only own a simple point and shoot camera so many of my images are slightly out of focus – Smile, laugh, cry … relive the moment 🙂


Event Update As Promised

Prospective Time Tableupdate

Hello everyone!

As promised, I am here with an update on how the JUzDIzRTS Author Events are coming together.

We have 7 confirmed authors!

1 author is in a ‘holding pattern’: who may very well lose her spot as of tomorrow 😦 (she emailed a request to join but has since not answered any of my email…)

2 authors are ‘interested’ but yet to be identified/confirmed: they will share a reading slot for an anthology they have recently been published in.

The Newmarket Event in August is fully booked!

Our current “tentative” dates for the events are as follows:

RICHMOND HILL – Saturday July 27th from 1pm-3pm

NEWMARKET – Saturday August 17th from 1pm-3pm

If you know of any other local authors who might be interested in joining the Richmond Hill event please let them know there is one definite space available for consideration, possibly 2.

I hope you have been enjoying our Author Spotlights and are anticipating meeting them all 🙂  I am hoping to be able to list the official roster of authors for each event by the beginning of next week, at which time an invite will go out to all authors to notify them of the ‘rehearsal’ schedule (more to come on that soon).

I look forward to meeting all our wonderful authors in person and sharing in the delight of their masterpieces.


Melissa Moores, Event Director

“What’s In A Name…”

“that which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

Why JUzDIzRTS as the name for an author event?

It works well on a few different levels.  The spoken name “Just Deserts” has dual meaning in that not only are the events being held in a Café/Coffee House known for selling deserts and other tantalizing treats, but the concept that every author deserves his or her “just deserts” for all the hard work put in to making a published work of literature just seemed to fit well.

Okay, so why not call it “Just Deserts” then?

My gut response to this question is simply, “What would be the fun in that?”  I believe that writers need to have some reservoir of humour to pull from in order to be able to ‘plug through’ and ‘carry on’ in the face of adversity – yes adversity Writing anything is difficult enough with all of the plotting and organization that is required just to get a work completed, and then writers today (be they self-published or newly published traditionally) now have to become publicists.  If the struggle is worth it, most writers will be able to find a moment from that time of adversity to laugh at themselves and delight in the print volume they now hold in their hands.

Vanity plates on motor vehicles draw the eye of drivers and passengers alike.  The promise of something more hidden in the jumble of letters begs viewers to figure out the hidden message.  Authors, too, work on the same premise – Not only has their work been pared down and edited into a new form and reborn for the world at large rising like the phoenix from the ash of what used to be, but the idea that there is always more to a story or poem than at first meets the eye is what often draws readers in. 

Therefore, in celebration for all that authors are, I wanted to highlight in a subtle way those crucial traits that make them unique and give them their well-earned JUzDIzRTS.

Melissa Moores, Event Director