Excerpt From Author Jim Scott’s Travel Poetry & Writings

jim-scott-bookSlake Your Thirst on this Satisfying Sample…

An Excerpt of Jim Scott’s poetry typical of his style that incorporates the essence of the Wanderings and Sojourns series.

Tomorrow’s Past Life



There was once a time when my life was filled with living;

Adventure and excitement scattered all across this earth.

I was in my prime, with so much just ripe for giving.

To wander seemed the reason for my birth.

But now my life has changed, I seldom travel fifty mile.

Adventure’s turned to mortgage. Mine’s a sedentary style.

My freedom’s now an office, distant romance an ex-wife.

I have to find the path that leads me on to my old life


So that just once more I can sail the endless ocean,

Or track the old bull wildebeest, and dive amongst the whales.

Watch the condors soar. Change my plans on any notion

To seek of lands heard in a stranger’s tales.

Is that so very much to ask? I’ve known it so before.

The hunger and the plenty, forest snow and desert shore.

The laughter and the loneliness, the passions and the pain.

But still there’s lands I didn’t see, and those I’d see again


If I found a way to undo these chains that bind me,

Not harming those I love nor running from the debts I owe.

I should leave today! Going where no one could find me,

Not caring what I’d seek or where I’d go.

But that’s now how my dreams are made; awake I see the truth:

The bank, the schools the eight to five, so absent from my youth,

Now plot against my wanderlust, my yearning for the road

To hide the path I’m seeking that I once so freely strode.


But there’ll come a time when the house is bought and paid for,

The kid’s are all through college and the pension’s guaranteed.

Then I’ll start to climb back toward the life I’m made for;

My chains released, my spirit once more freed.

Though twenty years may lie between this moment and that day,

It waits on the horizon as a cairn which points the way.

A monument to travellers; emancipation’s prize!

A mark to set my compass bearing steady in my eyes

So that I can see that my life is far from finished.

And some day I will live again adventures yet untold.

Where the wind and me, with a passion undiminished,

Will find that younger life I knew of old.



Copyright © Jim Scott 2008

Don’t miss hearing Jim read at the JUzDIzRTS Author Event at Archtop Cafe in Bolton this Saturday November 8th starting at 2pm!


Travel Author & Poet Jim Scott

Travel author, Poet & Short Story Writer Jim Scott has joined the JUZDIZRTS Fall 2014 Author Event!

Born in England, raised on the banks of a river in the Sussex countryside, Jim Scott from a young age developed strong spiritual connections with the natural realm. He wasn’t to understand this until much later in life when this realization explained the somewhat unique atavistic philosophies that evolved from his extensive travels and often ran against the grain of mainstream thinking.

Mostly working and often living in close proximity with nature he developed a profound respect for the balance of how life is lived according to the planet’s natural wisdom. This is represented in his writing where he is not shy to criticize what he considers the synthetic, artificial worlds of cities, industry and reliance upon financial success, while advocating environmental causes, bucolic lifestyles and indigenous groups who yet follow the Old Ways of natural balance. Such views, backed by extensive and diverse experience within many realms of human existence coupled with a keen interest in the written word created the perfect opportunity to express what he has seen and believes within his many fascinating stories, poems and essays. The list of countries to which Jim has wandered is long: Morocco, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Peru, Gibraltar, India, Antigua, South Africa, Portugal, and many, many more where his sojourns were lengthy enough for adventures to be lived and insightful philosophies developed from them. It is from such experiences among such disparate cultures, landscapes, politics and economies that the stories and verses in his books were forged.

A single father of three, Jim now lives in Canada and spends as much time as he can in the British Virgin Islands where two of his children were born and where, out of all the places to which he has wandered and in which he has sojourned, he
feels most at home.


On Five Continents and Three Oceans

Jim has chosen two pieces for this event.  One is a very short and surprisingly true and amusing story written in a medium that is not often used for such from the soon to be published “On Tropical Islands and Sparkling Seas.” 

This book is a continuance of the popular book one in the Wanderings and Sojourns series, “On Five Continents and Three Oceans.” Both books comprise collections of true short stories from his extensive and often wayward travels coupled with selected poems often inspired by rather unusual experiences and the somewhat unique life-vision he has developed as a result. 

The second is one of the poems which relates to aspects of that life-vision which will hopefully get the listener to at least think about its message, although I do not necessarily ask that they agree.

“JUzDIzRTS is a terrific concept providing up and coming local authors a venue for reaching segments of their market they otherwise may not have the opportunity to touch.  It ties in well with the “book room” concept of the coffee house forming a natural bridge between readers and writers allowing them to interface and learn each other’s perspectives.   Not just a means for authors to promote their work, the setting and schedule encourages the artists and the audience to converse with and inspire each other in a two way energy flow that is often lacking at other reading venues.  As a writer I am very grateful to the organizers for this interesting experiment and plan to support its continuance in any way I can.” – Jim Scott

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JUZDIZRTS @ Covernotes in Newmarket!

Saturday August 17th from 1-3pm


The Newmarket JUZDIZRTS Author Event is less than 24hrs away.  You have had an opportunity to read about each author here on the official blog website and read an excerpt of their writing.  Now is the time to show your support in person if you live locally to the event.  We can’t wait to meet each and every person who has been following our progress these last few months. 

Should you be unable to attend due to time or distance, know that we carry your dedication with us in our hearts as we make tomorrow and event to remember.

Here is the official line up for the hour of readings:

V. M. Gopaul (Thriller) – 10 min.

Adrienne Clarke (Fantasy) – 10 min.

Murielle Bollen (Travel) – 10 min.

S. D. Livingson (Children’s Mystery) – 10 min.

Isobel Warren (Historical) – 10 min.

Sue Battle (Contemporary) – 5 min.

Erika Willaert (Science Fiction) – 5 min.

Our free door-prize draw allows each attendee one free ticket with a minimal donation request of $1 for additional tickets.  The draw is sponsored by Covernotes Tea & Coffee House and The Writer’s Community of York Region along with each participating author.

Don’t forget to stay for a chance to meet and talk with the authors immediately after the readings.

See you tomorrow!

Excerpt From Murielle Bollen’s Travel Novel Tasting Life Around the World

A palpable piquette to ponder over

Excerpt from Murielle Bollen’s True Life Travel Novel Tasting Life Around the World:Tasting Life Around the Word

I have always loved going to the Belgian Coast. The sea to me represents freedom, ultimate freedom, something I have been looking for all my life. I always get a little closer to it when I am surrounded by the sound of waves, when I can feel the breeze or even the stormy wind blowing in my face, bringing that invigorating scent of the ocean.  As a child I would never say I was going to the coast, I was always going to the sea. Maybe a coincidence, maybe karma, but my name, Murielle, in its Celtic origin, actually means “Bright as the Sea”. It took me a long time, but I have finally discovered that I am carrying my freedom with me all the time, it is nowhere to be found, it was there all along and it will be there, always. I have very fond memories of the coast, since this is where my grandparents had a cottage and where my favorite aunt used to live for a while. As a child I would go and visit with her for a couple of weeks a few times a year. She would be the aunt watching TV with me, cuddled up on the coach, suddenly getting up to make us fried potato slices with mayonnaise (so greasy, so decadent, so yummy). She had no car, so we had to walk everywhere. Going for groceries was quite an undertaking, she with the stroller (my cousin was about 6 months old and the cutest baby ever) and me by the hand, bags everywhere. To soften the experience, she would buy me one of my favorite comic books almost every time we passed the book store. I can still feel the anticipation when we would near the store, wondering whether I would get a book this time… Good times.

We leave the coast to find the pale green, flat pastures of Flanders, bordered by proud poplars, a ribbon of liquid silver flowing through historic cities like Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp, carrying the history of hundreds of years, the memories of thousands of people to the depths of the North Sea. Seeing this flat, wide open landscape as a child on my way to “the sea” would make me exclaim each and every single time “I think I can see the sea now, we are very close!”

We make our way further east to the lush, deep green forests of the Eastern region, interspersed with deep purple fields of heather and embellished by the proud bronze of the statue of Ambiorix in the Roman city of Tongres. Rolling hills gently leading us through fields of pink and white blossoming fruit trees to the majestic black green pine forests, the brown-reddish rocks and crystal clear streams of the Ardennes. There is a story on the Ardennes, of course food related, that I really want to share with you. One year we decided with a whole group of friends to celebrate Christmas in a small village in the Ardennes. There was about ten of us and we stayed in a lovely wooden chalet that one of our friends had managed to get through a friend of his parents. The Christmas tree was beautifully decorated and there was a huge fireplace with comfortable coaches all around. Cozy and warm. We brought loads of food and ate to the point that we would get up in the middle of the night to discover that everybody was hanging on the sofas, moaning that they had too much to eat (and drink probably!). In spite of that we found that we could not celebrate Christmas without a Christmas Cake (a tradition in Belgium, called “Kerststronk,” a cake shaped like a log of wood, coated in crème au beurre and decorated with sugary leaves of holly and a marzipan plaque that said “Merry Christmas”). Nobody had remembered to bring one, so my husband and a friend set out on a quest to find one on Christmas Eve. They drove for miles and miles and finally came home with a glorious Christmas Cake. Since the fridge was so full with the rest of the food (in those days we did not have those gigantic fridges!), we decided to put the cake out on the porch so it would stay cool and fresh. On Christmas Day we would then enjoy this delicious cake, or so we thought. The next morning we woke up and discovered that the cake we had made so much fuss about, had simply been eaten by some animal visiting our porch at night. Not a single crumb was left…

Indeed a country of multiple colours, tastes and memories!

* * *

Don’t miss hearing Murielle read at the JUzDIzRTS Author Event Saturday August 17th starting at 1pm!

JUZDIZRTS @ Covernotes Richmond Hill

Here’s a sneak peak at today’s author readings!

For anyone who joined us at the Author Event today I humbly request a sharing of pictures!  Unfortunately, I only own a simple point and shoot camera so many of my images are slightly out of focus – Smile, laugh, cry … relive the moment 🙂