Thriller Author V. M. Gopaul

Thriller Author V. M. Gopaul has joined has joined the JUZDIZRTS Author Event!

As a software and database specialist, Gopaul wrote seven books for IT professionals. He then turned his attention to writing two books on spirituality, which paved the way for a hidden passion to emerge.  When crafting and completing Tainted Justice, a lifelong dream of Gopaul’s became a reality.  He also wanted to be different, but only time will tell if he is successful.  One thing is for sure: everyday life struggles and triumphs that all of us face come alive in this first novel. He is bent on giving his readers a satisfying experience.

V.M. Gopaul loves fiction writing, it’s his newest passion.  He is currently writing Justice Denied.

Gopaul, husband, and father of two children, lives in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

Tainted Justice Cover Image for V. M. Gopaul   Tainted Justice

Jason McDeere has lost his wife and family, but he’s not losing his job without a fight. His struggle to right the wrongs done to the hundreds of workers outsourced by software giant, Softek, lands him in the middle of a battle he’s ill prepared to fight. When Jason instigates a class action lawsuit against his ex-employer, it becomes apparent that Softek has much more to hide than their manipulation of a few employment laws. As things start to heat up, Jason discovers bugging devices in his house and a private investigator on his tail. Putting his super-nerd-hacker skills to work Jason uncovers the dirty secrets of the private investigator, Softek, and a powerful national politician.

A ruthless political strategist fighting for his candidate’s re-election has a lot to lose…and he is not about to let anything or anyone get in his way. If Jason and his conscience prove to be an obstacle, he knows a very effective way to getting rid of him–permanently. Now Jason’s family is in jeopardy, and he must run fast to save his children’s lives and his own. 

“The JUzDIzRTS Author Event is a great opportunity.  I can’t wait to participate again and meet fellow authors and members of the community.”

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JUZDIZRTS @ Covernotes Richmond Hill

Here’s a sneak peak at today’s author readings!

For anyone who joined us at the Author Event today I humbly request a sharing of pictures!  Unfortunately, I only own a simple point and shoot camera so many of my images are slightly out of focus – Smile, laugh, cry … relive the moment 🙂



JUZDIZRTS 2013Come one come all to the JUZDIZRTS Author Event in Richmond Hill @ Covernotes!

1pm – 3pm 10268 Yonge Street

JUZDIZRTS has 7 fantastic authors tingling with anticipation ready to share excerpts from their latest books.  Be sure to stay after the showcase to meet each one in person and learn more about their writings and experiences as we draw for free prizes, drink coffee, and enjoy each others company.

The Richmond Hill Line Up – July 27th

Thriller Author V. M. GopaulTainted Justice

Travel Author Jim ScottOn Five Continents and Three Oceans

Thriller Author Lawrence SegelSquaring the Circle

Eclectic Author Sherry LoefflerThat Dreaded ‘C’ Word

Contemporary Fiction Author Ruth E. WalkerLiving Underground

Short Fiction Anthology Authors Julie Achtermeier & Blair ThackwayWORDPLAY 2013

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity! 

Excerpt From V. M. Gopaul’s Novel Tainted Justice

Here is another appetizing apéritif before the main course.TaintedJustice_Frontcover

An excerpt from V. M. Gopaul’s Thriller Novel Tainted Justice:

Brian Baldwin entered the main office of Softek where he had worked for the last three years. He marched past two security guards who were always talking to each other, but their hawkish eyes constantly scanned people going to and from the office. Brian pressed the security pass at the scanner. The light on it changed from red to green.

It still works.

In a half circular motion he passed through the metal turnstile. Palms sweating, he took the elevator to the twelfth floor where the office of Clint Whitney, the chief information officer, was located. After finding the office empty, he asked Gail Crawford, the executive assistant, “Where’s Clint?”

“Do you have an appointment with Mr. Whitney?” Gail calmly inquired.

“No. I want to talk to him. Right away.”

“Is there anything I can do?”

“No. Where is he? I want to see him now!”

Gail clicked the mouse a couple of times, peeked at the computer screen and said, “He’s not in the office. It’s his lunch hour. Nothing is booked.”

“Where is he?” Brian asked with deadly composure. “Call him.”

Gail first scanned Brian’s face, then the light jacket he was wearing. “What’s your name?” she asked.

“Brian Baldwin.”

She used her best secretary’s voice. “Brian, it looks like you’re angry about something. Can we talk in the room over there?”

“Damn right I’m angry,” he said, fighting back the logjam of emotion in his throat. “I’m losing everything, including my job.”

“You’ll find a new job. Hopefully, soon.”

“No, I’ll find him.” Brian walked away.

Behind him, Brian could hear Gail call Clint’s cell phone and leave a message. Then she called security.

Worried now, Brian rushed to the elevator, pressed the button and waited, tapping the travertine with his toe. When the doors opened, much to Brian’s surprise, Clint Whitney appeared.

* * *

V. M. Gopaul will be reading at the JUzDIzRTS Author Event this Saturday July 27th.  The event begins at 1pm with 7 short readings after which an author meet & greet will take place in the following hour. 

Hope to see you there!

Excerpt From Lawrence Segel’s Novel Squaring the Circle

SquaringthecirclecoverHere’s a tasty morsel to tantalize your taste buds…

Excerpt from Squaring the Circle by Lawrence Segel

“I can speak only for myself, and I’m not going to judge you. That’s for a higher power,” he paused and gathered his thoughts. “There’s a simple explanation to all this. You have tremendous guilt over your past. It wasn’t moving a casket that shook you to your core, but moving the casket of a Holocaust survivor. All the repressed guilt you feel from your wartime actions came to the surface. Your reaction was natural in such a situation.”
Stokowski pushed his hand away, looked up suddenly and yelled, “There was nothing natural about that day, you fool! When I was in the grave, I could feel Goldberg. I could feel power, anger, and rage. It was real, too real, and, and—I’m dead.”
David threw up his hands, “You’re only dead because you believe you’re going to die. Don’t you see that the only way for it to kill you is by giving it power over you?”
Stokowski smiled a frightening smile, “It, it? You believe there was a ghost, too.”
David shook his head vigorously, “I’m not talking about ghosts. Stop it about ghosts! Great emotion or passion can imprint an area so that others pick up on those vibrations. My grandmother says that’s what’s meant by the atmosphere of a place. You were picking up old vibrations from your own past. They’ll only harm you if you allow your mind to give them power over you.”
Stokowski looked skeptically at him, “You’re very smart with your scientific theories, but answer me this? Did you look in that hole?”
David nodded, slowly.
“Did you see the arm?”
“The what?” David said, dreading the next topic of conversation.
“The tattooed arm, for God’s sake.”
David took a deep breath, “Yes, I saw it,” he whispered, reluctantly.
Stokowski took a deep breath and then raised his hand to his neck. He pointed to a large bruise on his neck in the shape of fingers. “The reason that arm was hanging out of the casket is because it reached for my throat. I was shoveling the dirt and all of a sudden a dead arm comes out of the closed casket and grabs my neck. How do you explain that Mr. Scientist? Guilt from my past?”

Be sure to catch Lawrence’s reading at the Richmond Hill JUzDIzRTS Author Event at Covernotes on Saturday July 27th!

Thriller Author Lawrence Segel

Thriller author Lawrence Segel has joined the JUzDIzRTS Author Event!

Dr. Segel is a freelance medical journalist with hundreds of articles published on such subjects ranging from medical humour, infamy and blunders, to the history of medicine, and medicine in literature.

He has published two novels: the 2012 New Age reincarnation thriller “Squaring the Circle” and a 2013 medical-legal drama, “Informed Consent.”

Dr. Segel lives in Aurora with his two dogs, and has a keen interest in various occult paths from both Western and Eastern traditions.

SquaringthecirclecoverDr. Lawrence Segel will be reading from “Squaring the Circle.”

Perhaps, the ultimate vengeance comes from the grave!
Squaring the Circle is a New Age thriller.  It is an atypical ghost story that addresses humankind’s darkest history, yet shines light on the possibility of finding redemption through alternative other-worldly forces.  Squaring the Circle may be an impossible mathematical equation, but this book offers answers that defy logic.
“This event is an excellent forum for writers to meet each other and develop an audience for their works.  Writing seems to be such a vicious circle of frustration.  No one wants to publish or read you unless you are already published and well known.  I’m sure this event will have many undiscovered talents present, but not so undiscovered once it is over.  Thank you for all your help.”