Historical Fiction Author Isobel Warren

Historical & Literary Fiction Author Isobel Warren has joined the JUzDIzRTS Author Event!

Isobel Warren, a veteran journalist in print and broadcast and a Creative Writing teacher for three decades, is the author of five books, including her first two novels, In Them Days and Gypsy on Ice, both published by Cedar Cave Books in 2013.  She conceived and co-ordinated WORDPLAY 2013: Emerging Writers of  York Region, featuring fifteen previously undiscovered writers from her Right to Write classes in Newmarket. Co-founder and past-president of the Travel Media Association of Canada,, she is now a board member of the Newmarket Arts Council.

In Them DaysIn Them Days – a novel by Isobel Warren – Cedar Cave Books, Newmarket, 2013.

Julianna Chandler, compassionate and dedicated, took the Bass River Valley by storm in 1918.  Feminist, crusader and would-be doctor, she shocked the community by openly sharing her radical views on sex and birth control, women’s rights and health, politics and education.  Newly wed to Adam Chandler, the community’s wealthiest farmer, Julianna’s startling beauty and fearless activism make her the undisputed star of In Them Days. Isobel Warren draws upon the prejudices, superstitions, feuds and hero worship of a remote farm community to explore the challenges and turmoil that Canadian communities faced in the 1920s.

“Everyone knows that writing a book is hard work. But only when you’re in the thick of it do you realize that promoting that book, publicizing it, convincing readers to read it — that’s the hardest work of all.  That’s why I am so grateful  for the chance to brag, boast, flaunt and flog here in this welcoming setting, with the much appreciated help of JUzDIzRTS.”

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