Excerpt from Poet Kamal Parmar’s book In the Rising Mist

A Ponderance of Past and Present

An excerpt from Poet Kamal Parmar’s book In the Rising Mist:

Time, can you ever return?

In the Rising MistsMemory, like a full blown flower
sheds its petals along the road of life.
I trudge along past milestones, loops and turns.
At times, whizzing past,
other times, I drag my feet, heavy like lead,
through a pathway overgrown with nettles and wild bush,
Pause and pick up a petal,
freshly curled with dew.

I become a pig-tailed girl
in a red skirt with plaids,
star studded eyes smile at the world.
Tiny hands clutch a Barbie doll,
close to my body and then I run…
run like the wind,
dodging fuchsias and geranium bushes,
in hot chase of a butterfly.

Now the butterflies are gone.
I walk alone past more mile-stones
encrypted in Time.
How many more do I cross?


Kamal Parmar

*    *    *

Join the JUZDIZRTS Author Event and hear Kamal read at On The Bean coffee shop in Aurora this Saturday, April 26th starting at 3pm.

Poet Kamal Parmar

Poetry & Creative Non-Fiction Writer Kamal Parmar has joined the Spring 2014 JUZDIZRTS Author Event!

Kamal Parmar was born in India and has been passionately involved in writing since high school and her University years. Her genre is poetry and creative non-fiction – she dabbles frequently with Haiku. Her poems are simple, though poised and evocative enough to set the reader thinking. She has books published in UK and India and many publications in reputed US and Canadian literary journals and anthologies. She is a member of the Vaughan Poets Cricle; Haiku Canada; The Writers community of York region and an Associate member of the League of Canadian poets.

In the Rising MistsIn The Rising Mist

Kamal has crafted verses of beauty, life and childhood memories of India. Her verses reflect a poet’s delight in seeing beauty all around us, in self-reflection and quiet appreciation. Her verses speak of her acute observation , sensuousness and an innate sense of being ‘in sync’ with nature. The book aptly titled, ”In The Rising Mist,” highlights her renditions of seasonal changes as well as touches upon the finer nuances of life in India with fondness. Wisdom and naïvete’, twinned with nostalgia are juxtaposed to add to the complexity of thoughts and feelings that swell this volume so full of meaning.

I feel that the JUZDIZRTS event is a dynamic forum in bringing together artists of the written word. It not only showcases their talent but also helps in creating awareness about the written word.”

Website: www.kamalmusings.com