JUZDIZRTS @ Covernotes Richmond Hill

Here’s a sneak peak at today’s author readings!

For anyone who joined us at the Author Event today I humbly request a sharing of pictures!¬† Unfortunately, I only own a simple point and shoot camera so many of my images are slightly out of focus – Smile, laugh, cry … relive the moment ūüôā



JUZDIZRTS 2013Come one come all to the JUZDIZRTS Author Event in Richmond Hill @ Covernotes!

1pm – 3pm 10268 Yonge Street

JUZDIZRTS has 7 fantastic authors tingling with anticipation ready to share excerpts from their latest books.  Be sure to stay after the showcase to meet each one in person and learn more about their writings and experiences as we draw for free prizes, drink coffee, and enjoy each others company.

The Richmond Hill Line Up – July 27th

Thriller Author V. M. Gopaul ‚Äď Tainted Justice

Travel Author Jim Scott ‚Äď On Five Continents and Three Oceans

Thriller Author Lawrence Segel ‚Äď Squaring the Circle

Eclectic Author Sherry LoefflerThat Dreaded ‘C’ Word

Contemporary Fiction Author Ruth E. Walker ‚Äď Living Underground

Short Fiction Anthology Authors Julie Achtermeier & Blair Thackway‚Äď WORDPLAY 2013

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!¬†

Short Story Writers for WORDPLAY 2013

Short Story Anthology Writers Sue Battle, Erika Willaert, Julie Achtermeier, & Blair Thackway have joined the JUzDIzRTS author event!

WORDPLAY CoverWORDPLAY 2013:¬† Emerging Writers of York Region is a 124-page book¬†of short stories, memoirs and poetry by fifteen students and¬†alumni of Isobel Warren’s Right to Write creative writing classes¬†in Newmarket.¬† This eclectic collection ranges from sci-fi and¬†fantasy through romance and humour to wrenching personal experiences and social commentary.¬† Warren, editor and¬†co-ordinator of the book, conceived the¬†project not only as an¬†opportunity for her talented students to be published but also as¬†a learning experience as they come face to face with the real¬†world of publishing — relentless deadlines, a stubborn editor, an¬†opinionated art director, a pricey printer and all the pressures¬†of marketing, distribution and publicity.¬† Everyone lived to tell¬†the tale and revel in the results of their labours.

WORDPLAY 2013 –¬†Table of Contents: Stoned for the¬†Holidays – Julie Achtermeier; Flight – Corrie Adams; The Suit – Christine¬†Barbetta; Grandpa – Sue Battle; A Battle of Wills –¬†Laurie Caldi; MINE! – Leslie¬†Jones-Lissack; Harbinger – Megan¬†Morris; Lonely – Douglas Owen; Ray of Sunshine –¬†Jennifer Sharko; Poems – Sneh Singwi; Molly Comes of Age – Gail Sellers; The Seduction – Ruth¬†Tammert; Last √áall – Blair¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Thackway; Revelations – Mike¬†Walczak; Titania¬† – Erika¬†Willaert.

Website: www.wordplayanthology.com

JUzDIzRTS Event Participants


Sue Battle has been¬†writing stories, poems and song lyrics for many years. Some of her¬†poetry was included in an anthology of Soul Asylum Poetry titled¬†Whispering Souls, published in 2006. Since¬†retiring Sue continues to pursue her writing and attends Isobel¬†Warren’s Creative Writing classes.

Grandpa: Marv, at age 70, is wracked with ill health and unhappiness. A life once filled with promise is nothing more than a tragic heartbreaking memory and now Marv just wants to be alone and spend his time fishing. The peace he seeks is shattered when a young boy comes crashing through the bush and despite Marv’s admonishments to go away, returns again and again. Their conversations reveal a need within each of them that culminates in a touching union of¬† two lonely souls.

“I am so looking forward to reading for the JUzDIzRTS¬†audience. It’s an opportunity to meet other authors and discuss the art of writing. Writers depend in large part on each other for news of events and readings to help develop and publicize our writing.¬†I am grateful for this forum and will attend with relish.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sue.battle.1

Erika Willaert

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAErika Willaert, dancer by training and a teacher by trade, revived her passion for writing after a fifteen-year hiatus. She is usually either out in the forest with her two dogs or attending a live performance or movie where she is often the loudest audience member, much to the dismay of her children, Lukas and Saskia. Titania is her first attempt at science-fiction. Her writing can also be found at  http://www.commuterlit.com and http://www.kingmosaic.ca. 

Titania: The title was a name I heard at Janis McCallum and Elaine Jackson’s writers retreat and I took it to mean a substance of solidity and strength. I also realized I remembered the Shakespearean name of the fairy queen from A Midsummer Night’s Dream incorrectly, and my gr 6 class told me it was one of Jupiter’s moons. Or was it Saturn’s? In any event, the story is the result of blended ideas that have combined in my imagination after reading a ton of books recommended by my students in an effort to keep up with their reading response content. One of my grade 7s figured out the narrator/heroine is a cyborg, and the poetically inclined narrative is my interpretation of the many sci-fi/fantasy movies I love to watch on the big screen.¬†

“JUzDIzRTS¬†is like a gift from the writing fairy, Dorothea Helms, who ran a workshop with Ruth Walker that I took last year which spurred on my commitment to start entering more contests. Much gratitude and appreciation to Melissa¬†Moores for the opportunity and platform.”

Julie AchtermeierWORDPLAY Julie Achtermeier

Julie¬†Achtermeier credits her father’s fantastic storytelling and her¬†mother‚Äôs whimsical poems for her early love of writing. Although¬†Julie‚Äôs humourous short stories recount some of life‚Äôs greatest¬†self-deprecating moments, a more serious piece, ‚ÄúThe Red Devil‚ÄĚ,¬†¬†was a finalist in the 2012 CBC Canada Writes Short Story Contest.¬†¬†Julie is a freelance writer living in Newmarket with her hilarious¬†husband and two adorable, quirky children. Freelance business at http://www.julieachtermeier.com.

Stoned for the Holidays: A funny tale of Christmas Eve gone awry as a middle-age couple, Julie and Richard, and their two small children travel north to “cottage country” to spend a relaxing Christmas holiday among the snowy pines. Upon arrival, Richard finds himself stricken with excruciating back pain and is rushed to the local emerg where they await a diagnosis from a quirky doctor in a vacant hospital. As the clock ticks towards midnight, presents lay unwrapped and Julie struggles to feel sympathy towards her husband with so much left to do for the big day. Will they make it?

”¬†I am excited to share my writing at the JUzDIzRTS Author Event and I hope to entertain fellow readers and writers with a comedic account of a modern day mishap.”


Blair Thackway‚Äôs¬†24 years with Toronto Fire Services could undoubtedly supply him¬†with¬†several books full of dramatic stories. But his day-to-day life,¬†raising his young son and dealing with the traumas of his job,¬†have¬†limited his story-telling time — until now. Blair recounts his¬†own¬†heart-wrenching, soul-destroying experiences with insight and¬†compassion for all who pursue this dangerous and often thankless¬†job.¬†An avid motorcyclist, he enjoys spending time with his son.

Last Call: The story is a play on words about having that last drink at the pub before closing time and also the last significant emergency call I attended before going off work on a medical leave of absence to seek treatment for Traumatic Mental Stress. It describes what I went through as a result of facing a horrible fire tragedy that took the life of a mother and her young child. It is my first published attempt at coming to terms with the realities of a career that I dearly love and will return to shortly.  

“I am both nervous and excited to be privileged enough to be included in the JUzDIzRTS Author Event this summer. I hope it draws interest in the dedication that our emergency workers regularly show and will also be a further positive step towards rebuilding my confidence and thus my career and also inspiring me to continue to write.”