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An excerpt from Contemporary Author Donna Thompson’s newest full-length work in progress:

The Concentric Circles
Wireless Fidelity

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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow,” said Albert Einstein.
Accept the past, manage the present and work hard towards the future, #inspiration.

Overseas or unemployment, it’s a no brainer. Thursday, I am still indisputably Elena Lambert. 2C or not 2C is the apartment door of it all, upon my return from the Asian continent. I am stationed at my computer wearing the latest style of face, Eleanor Rigbyish, “All the Lonely People,” but with quite a few contemporary upgrades. I have successfully avoided a rhinoplasty for the horn that is my nose. The jar, for the visage, has been replaced by a cloud as I upgrade my portrait pics across the range of social media from the grinning selfies in my photo stream. Yesterday, the Face had been carefully raised, without the use of botox but with a revitalizing facial waxing, a kind of thorough vacuuming of the porous surface that has left a healthy hairless sheen to my skin, despite a sleepless night.

“Elena” feels authentic to me despite the long list of words and identities, Helens, Elainas, Eleanor, Eleva, Els, Aliena, Es, and even a few Alans that cling to it. These names, though beautiful in themselves, constitute the trail of cracked or morphed misnomers of the naming journey that I have experienced from birth. Despite this, my assigned letters E-l-e-n-a are firmly affixed to me like a label on the inside of a stylish new jacket. I give thanks to the data base, a birth certificate, and a perfect stranger for this name. This measure awards stability to an eroding sense of self, mine.

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Be sure to catch Donna reading from her first release The Glitch Factory at On The Bean in Aurora on April 26th, starting at 3pm.

Contemporary Fiction Writer Donna Thompson

Contemporary Fiction Novelist, Short Fiction Writer, & Poet Donna Thompson has joined the Spring 2014 JUZDIZRTS Author Event!

Donna Thompson is a Montessori teacher turned writer.  Through networking, a conglomerate of conferences, practice and workshops she has acquired a style of writing that is contemporary.  She likes to think, innovative.  Her first published book is based on experience, readings, humans, and a full bar of imagination.  She enjoys all creative opportunities and is learning to market, painfully.

Thompson loves kayaking, running and sports, as time allows. To dance, sing, learn and give back has always been and continues to be a most fulfilling enterprise. She enjoys conversations of all sorts.  Laundry and household chores keep her grounded and humble along with contemplating the universe.

The Glitch FactoryThe Glitch Factory: Perfectly Human in an Imperfect World

Local Human Mother Releases Anthology That Explores Our Hilarious Attempts to Control the Chaos in Our Lives. 12 stories, 12 doses of reality, 12 quirky perspectives, all strung together to reveal the glitches that curb our future plans and make us second guess the reality we’ve been so hastily shoved into. Through a compilation of short stories written with an elegant prose, Thompson defines the chaos that surrounds our daily lives by revealing the quirks and nuances that always seem to catch us off-guard. Humans are a stubborn species—we simply refuse to accept that our reality is not working in league with us. We make future plans, and then are surprised when something unexpected comes up and changes everything, imagine.

“We purchase a chocolate fudge sundae and ask for many spoons. In this way we envision the just in desserts, sweetness shared, caloric intake spread widely. Authors share with  the community more than mere words with a heat that may just melt that ice cream.You will find round, square, oval shaped spoons, straws and hopefully a snow shovel or umbrella. Let your weapon of choice be a tool for the ultimate connection and indulgence. Bring the work to life through your own interpretations, associations and values for a shop sign that says “Come On In We Are Open” to creative expression, freedom in speech. Know and feel  for a few hours the power of imagination, the draw of innovation and the purity and passion of literary pursuits. Those new tires, house renos and school fees will seem, some how, bearable or at least shared human essentials. Thanks to M.J., her staff and the community for releasing  the written word and voice beyond academia, the library  and the home for an experience that examines a storehouse of possibilities through our authors.”