Excerpt from Children’s Writer Sherry Loeffler’s book The Cruise Ship Thief

A Blunder of Bemusement to Behold

An Excerpt from Mystery Children’s book writer Sherry Loeffler:

The Cruise Ship Thief

    The Cruise Ship ThiefIt was early and the umbrellas hadn’t been put on the tables, but were stacked against the wall in mid deck. When Mr. Tremble got up I slid under the leaning umbrellas to observe him without anyone seeing me.
   He snatched something, putting it in a large pocket on his baggy pants. I had him this time. I was so excited I started to stand up, bumping my head on an umbrella, then tripping over an umbrella on the floor, and sliding in a puddle of water.  My legs wouldn’t do what I wanted. I just slid on the floor with umbrellas tumbling down around me. I tried to get out, but my feet couldn’t move over the umbrellas. I lost my balance.
    Above me was a storage cage, so I reached up to grab the door, which hadn’t been closed properly, and out came the balls, flutter boards and play stuff – all on top of me. I slid over a bit, landing at someone’s feet. When I looked up, it was Mr. Tremble. He looked mad. He shook his head at me, mumbled something, and walked away, but I noticed two bulges in the pockets on his pant legs.
    All I could do was sulk away. My suspect was gone and I had no proof of what he’d done.  The galley staff laughed at my antics. My face was burning and I was so embarrassed.
*    *    *
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