JUZDIZRTS @ Archtop Cafe

We had an absolutely fantastic gathering of authors at the event yesterday in Bolton. While the cold and drizzly rain kept some guests away, inside the cafe was warm and toasty. Our authors extended from Memoir to Science Fiction to Steam Punk, Spiritual, Poetry and beyond.

Douglas Owen   Diane Bator   Joanna Gale   Heather Scavetta   D.L. Narrol   Jim Scott   M.J. Moores

Short Fiction      Mystery            Poetry         Spiritual Memoir   Steam Punk    Poetry          Sci-Fi

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A Special thank you to our Hosts:

Ron & Kim of Archtop Cafe

& our Sponsors:

Forster’s Book Garden

& Perpetual Roses by Caridian

The 1st Author Event of 2014

We Have A Winner!

On the BeanOn The Bean, a fantastic cafe just off Yonge St. in North Aurora, is hosting JUZDIZRTS’ 1st Author Event for 2014.

Cafe owner Frank Gu is excited to share his authentic home-style coffee house with local authors ready to reach out to the community.

The event will be held Saturday April 26th, 2014 from 3pm-5pm.

If you, or a writer a you know, are interested in participating in the Author Reading/Signing/Meet & Greet please contact the Event Director, Melissa Moores, using the CONTACT Tab on this page.

Of 6 possible author positions, 2 are already claimed.

Ideally, we would like to offer positions to new readers in order to spread the word about as many local authors as possible.  Participants from previous years are invited to attend the readings and bring their wares but may not have an opportunity to read as time is limited.  Should positions to read remain open after the end of February, offers to read will be extended on a first come, first serve basis to seasoned authors of the event.

Come join in the fun and reach out to the community – get your just deserts today!