For Guests

You’re Invited!

Whether you happen to be spending time at Archtop Cafe on the day of the event or you decide in advance that you would like to meet some local celebrities, JUZDIZRTS and Archtop would love to have you attend this new author celebration.

Tell Me More…

invitedHalf an hour before the event is officially scheduled to begin, a representative will hand out free door prize tickets to anyone in or arriving to the café.  If you decide to join us and listen to our local talent read excerpts from their published or soon to be published works, at the end of the one hour reading block there will be a draw to win free books.  If you don’t happen to win one of our author’s masterpieces, they will have brought their wares to sell and sign as they chat with those community members who have accepted our event invitation.

When is the Event?

There are two events for 2014.  On Saturday April 26th – 3pm to 5pm at On The Bean in Aurora, and Saturday November 8th – 2pm to 4pm at Archtop Cafe.  Check out the Archtop Cafe tab at the top of this page (coming soon) for the address and information about the café.

Visit Often-

We also invite you to visit the website often as we continue to build our Author Roster.  Read blogs dedicated to each author and receive updates on the progress in the designing of the event.  Be sure to sign up for an email alert for whenever there is a new posting, and keep up-to-date and in the know.

Thanks for visiting!


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