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JUzDIzRTS 1st Annual Author Event will be taking place on two separate days this year at currently undetermined locations in Ontario, Canada.  One event will be in York Region and the other in Peel Region North.

It is the goal of JUzDIzRTS to bring together a variety of writers of soon to be, newly, and recently published fame to read a portion of your work in celebration of your efforts for getting this far – and to help you spread the word about yourself and your writing.


AURORA – Saturday April 26th, 2014

BOLTON – Saturday November 8th, 2014




The overriding concept for each event is a 45 min. “set up” time to arrange each location to accommodate the speaking authors and some literary fans; one hour of readings made up of 10 min. max sessions for prose & non-fiction based authors/writers and 5 min. max sessions for poets (approx. 3 poems depending on length); and one-hour for hob-knobbing thereafter.  Within your scheduled reading time, you will also be able to say a few words about you and your craft, and mention where in the room you are set up to chat with guests after the readings.

To break it down further, Melissa Moores, the Event Director, will be MC-ing with a very simple introduction for the event and then calling each author up to the mic.  50 minutes will be scheduled for readings allowing 10 min. for transitional MC-ing and the occasional over-read time.  At the end of the hour Melissa will conduct the draw for the door prizes and then guests will be invited to “meet & greet” the authors.  Authors can sell and sign their books or anthologies (yes, short story anthology writers are welcome too!) and generally work the room making connections for approximately one hour.

In total, each event will take about 2 hours.  After that time, authors are welcome to stay and chat with new fans or pack up their wares and call it a day.


Now, there was mention of a draw for door prizes – this is where we will all have to work together.  Authors are being asked to donate one print book to be drawn for on their appearance day.  A request for a review on Goodreads will be clipped to the front cover and it is our goal to have a couple extra gifts like local store certificates, etc.  Tickets for the draw will be handed out at the door.  Prizes will only be awarded to those guests who are still visiting with us by the end of the reading portion of the event.  This will hopefully not only encourage random café patrons to stay and listen, and reward those who have taken time from their schedule to be with us, but also generate a good review for your work along with further potential word-of-mouth publicity.

In addition to the door prizes donation, we are looking to rent an amplifier or two, microphone, and stand for each event.  It is our hope that authors will be willing to make a $10 donation to the “equipment fund” since this is a free event for the community to attend.  While this donation is not mandatory, if only a few authors agree to help then we will not be able to rent the needed equipment to reach everyone with the readings – and remember, not everyone is able to project their voice, even to a small room. 


As an added bonus, a blog entry will be dedicated to each author on this site.  It will include a short bio, a picture, the image of your most current (or prototype image of your signing booksoon to be published) book, along with a link to your personal website and your thoughts on the upcoming event.  Your bios and links will not only remain in the blog archives but will find a permanent home under a new tab titled PARTICIPANTS.

Space is limited for each event, so be sure to query Melissa Moores using the CONTACT tab above and reserve your spot today.

Isn’t it time you got your just deserts?

5 comments on “For Authors

  1. I’m delighted to be part of this intriguing new approach to promoting authors and their work. I especially love that writers in anthologies will be welcome as well. So many of our finest writers have started out with their work in literary journals and anthologies, so this is great support overall.

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