JUZDIZRTS @ Archtop Cafe

We had an absolutely fantastic gathering of authors at the event yesterday in Bolton. While the cold and drizzly rain kept some guests away, inside the cafe was warm and toasty. Our authors extended from Memoir to Science Fiction to Steam Punk, Spiritual, Poetry and beyond.

Douglas Owen   Diane Bator   Joanna Gale   Heather Scavetta   D.L. Narrol   Jim Scott   M.J. Moores

Short Fiction      Mystery            Poetry         Spiritual Memoir   Steam Punk    Poetry          Sci-Fi

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A Special thank you to our Hosts:

Ron & Kim of Archtop Cafe

& our Sponsors:

Forster’s Book Garden

& Perpetual Roses by Caridian

We Have a Fall Venue!

This fall’s JUZDIZRTS Author Event will be taking place at Archtop Cafe & Music in Bolton, Ontario.

Set the date: Saturday November 8th, 2014

And the time: 2pm – 4pm

In addition to Ron and Kim of Archtop hosting and sponsoring the event, Paul and Donna of Forster’s Book Garden will also be sponsoring us and helping with a variety of publicity efforts.

Spread the word –

We are actively looking to fill 5 more Author Positions for the fall event.

Share the news and stay tuned for more information about our hosts & sponsors in the weeks to come.

archtop bagel

JUZDIZRTS – Fall 2014 Update

calendar-flippingAs the season approaches our second JUZDIZRTS Author Event of the year I thought it prudent to let you in on how the planning stages are coming along.

Due to a request by several past Event participants, I have been trying to find a venue that does not include a cappuccino maker going off in the middle of a reading 🙂 While it is still very possible that this fall’s JUZDIZRTS event will happen in a local coffee shop in North Peel Region, know that I am in contact with several different library officials.

The problem with working with libraries though, is they have their own itinerary and agenda to consider. Needless to say, my hope for getting an event scheduled for the end of September 2014 is no longer reasonable. Currently I’m looking at the following two potential dates for the Author Event:

Sat. Oct. 25th, 2014


Sat. Nov. 8th, 2014

If you are interested in participating in the fall JUZDIZRTS, there are still 5 spots available. Please send me a message via the contact page.

I hope you’re enjoying our temperate Canadian summer!