Excerpt from Poet Joanna Gale’s book – Grains of the Olivewood

Ebb and Flow with Fever and Fervor

An excerpt from poet Joanna Gale’s book Grains of the Olivewood:

Grains of the OlivewoodDETOUR

This is a detour I must take,

a crossing forced upon me.

Random thoughts bob like boats

in a carnival game popped off by

the next sharp shooter.

A cup of tea tastes like another

reminder of my father — something

good always tasted like another.

Food stuffs me.  My eyes are heavy.

I ache to write the designs I lean into

like well-crafted books.  Instead

I stumble slipshod around words

in short-cut sentences sagging

like steps on a rung-ladder bridge

about to fall into the reality

i’s dot and t’s cross

closer than I want.

*    *    *

Be sure to stop by Archtop Cafe in Bolton to hear Joanna read at the JUZDIZRTS Author Event this Saturday November 8th, starting at 2pm.


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