Excerpt from Poet Kamal Parmar’s book In the Rising Mist

A Ponderance of Past and Present

An excerpt from Poet Kamal Parmar’s book In the Rising Mist:

Time, can you ever return?

In the Rising MistsMemory, like a full blown flower
sheds its petals along the road of life.
I trudge along past milestones, loops and turns.
At times, whizzing past,
other times, I drag my feet, heavy like lead,
through a pathway overgrown with nettles and wild bush,
Pause and pick up a petal,
freshly curled with dew.

I become a pig-tailed girl
in a red skirt with plaids,
star studded eyes smile at the world.
Tiny hands clutch a Barbie doll,
close to my body and then I run…
run like the wind,
dodging fuchsias and geranium bushes,
in hot chase of a butterfly.

Now the butterflies are gone.
I walk alone past more mile-stones
encrypted in Time.
How many more do I cross?


Kamal Parmar

*    *    *

Join the JUZDIZRTS Author Event and hear Kamal read at On The Bean coffee shop in Aurora this Saturday, April 26th starting at 3pm.


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