Excerpts from Young Adult Author Douglas Owen

Sink Your Senses into these Scintillating Scenes

Three excerpts from young adult Author Douglas Owen’s 1st book in the Spear Series, A Spear in Flight:

D Owen A Spear in Flight Cover Image

A Spear in Flight

Excerpt 1:

The room lit up from the flash of a massive bolt of lightning. The illumination showed Christine the face of the Wooder, and she calmed. He was a handsome man, with a kind face. His eyes told her he was sincere with his claim. They also showed great sorrow, knowing she would not be long in this world.

Excerpt 2:

“Break ranks!” he commanded, letting the children relax. Most sat down straight away, resting their bodies on the ground. Three turned to each other and stretched, making sure their muscles did not tighten up from the long run. The same three, those who always surpass the others. Jon, Thomasyn and Bethany, they are the ones to watch, they will be leaders among Spears one day.

Excerpt 3:

Thomasyn reached out and took Sandra’s hand, a move which surprised her. He heard Bethany give a loud growl of frustration from the other side of the barracks as she hit Jon, the only target close to her.

“What did I do?” Jon asked, wincing from the strike.

“Boys!” she cried, and walked out the barracks door to the practice yard.

*    *    *

Be sure to stop by the JUZDIZRTS Author Event to listen to Doug read this Saturday April 26th, at On The Bean in Aurora starting at 3pm.


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