Excerpt from Contemporary Writer Donna Thompson

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An excerpt from Contemporary Author Donna Thompson’s newest full-length work in progress:

The Concentric Circles
Wireless Fidelity

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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow,” said Albert Einstein.
Accept the past, manage the present and work hard towards the future, #inspiration.

Overseas or unemployment, it’s a no brainer. Thursday, I am still indisputably Elena Lambert. 2C or not 2C is the apartment door of it all, upon my return from the Asian continent. I am stationed at my computer wearing the latest style of face, Eleanor Rigbyish, “All the Lonely People,” but with quite a few contemporary upgrades. I have successfully avoided a rhinoplasty for the horn that is my nose. The jar, for the visage, has been replaced by a cloud as I upgrade my portrait pics across the range of social media from the grinning selfies in my photo stream. Yesterday, the Face had been carefully raised, without the use of botox but with a revitalizing facial waxing, a kind of thorough vacuuming of the porous surface that has left a healthy hairless sheen to my skin, despite a sleepless night.

“Elena” feels authentic to me despite the long list of words and identities, Helens, Elainas, Eleanor, Eleva, Els, Aliena, Es, and even a few Alans that cling to it. These names, though beautiful in themselves, constitute the trail of cracked or morphed misnomers of the naming journey that I have experienced from birth. Despite this, my assigned letters E-l-e-n-a are firmly affixed to me like a label on the inside of a stylish new jacket. I give thanks to the data base, a birth certificate, and a perfect stranger for this name. This measure awards stability to an eroding sense of self, mine.

*    *    *

Be sure to catch Donna reading from her first release The Glitch Factory at On The Bean in Aurora on April 26th, starting at 3pm.


One comment on “Excerpt from Contemporary Writer Donna Thompson

  1. Hi

    Thank you for your interest.

    There is nothing really very meandering and musing, for readers, in the suggestion of a strong female character who is relocated, travels between two continents, two systems for defining womanhood, after a substantial time in one location, one culture. This is given in one page, with much of the page taken up by title, tied inserts, and a bit of a decoration . I understand it is difficult to set a frame as you have done. Not sure you caught the essence, though, of this work and your lettering is quite large. Blue is a lovely colour, though and I owe you a debt for bringing my work out at all. 🙂

    This novel is very different from my first work in that it has been well over a year in the making. New information/techniques have been inserted in keeping with the age of information and rapid growth. I have also evolved as a writer, as nothing, no one, really remains static. You should note, too, that this is a full novel, fiction, and not an anthology or abridged work, that crosses genres and forms and comments on them, at times. I do much of the same thing but in a single story. I do not really exit or interrupt the story line to comment on writing , as I did in the first work.

    In the novel, the first person narrative will be passed and shared among many characters. This has taken a great deal of work, research, conversations and technique to forge the technique in a way that is realistic and does not lose my reader down a hole or crack of understanding, or interrupt/severe their connection to the characters. This formula does require a leap of intelligence and less fragility in the emotional connection, though, for the form to exist. 🙂 The warmth of the piece is also evident in images , literary devices and cultural nuances that enhance and suggest the connections overall.

    There is a lot more to know about the character of Elena, as foreshadowed by the words, “perfect stranger” and the sense of her disintegration at the end of the first page (thematic tie in). This thought is the first one of the novel rather than the middle point of conflict or tension. It is her thoughts of herself, as a character, …Herein lies one tension. Here in lies one quest as I build along the incline or circle towards larger conflicts. Themes of identity ,self realization and how well do we truly know ourselves at any given time? are introduced.

    This complex character is the single line, initially, in a character driven plot, that will fan out into a complex weave of many characters and scenes. The roller coaster ride into the high action(plot driven) realm of espionage, cooperate intrigue, affairs, subterfuge, nations meeting, murder is balanced by a range of characters that think, feel and create deeply. They are the individuals and the teams that lift the action to new heights and discover the” Universe” in so doing. The hope. 🙂

    Thank you for your interest.

    Hugs, Donna

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