Poet Joanna Gale

Inspirational & Spiritual Poet Joanna Gale has joined the JUZDIZRS Author Event!

Joanna Gale, her pseudonym, has been published in newsletters, chapbooks, and anthologies through The Ontario Poetry Society, in The Saving Bannister, Ascent Aspirations and magazines and other periodicals, as well as on-line. Her first chapbook, Workshop Sketches, was published by Beret Days Press (2007), and more recent poems can be seen in a chapbook collaborative with five other poets called Painting into Writing. She is a retired Registered Nurse, who currently lives in Markham, Ontario, with her husband, not too far from her son and his family.

Grains of the OlivewoodGrains of the Olivewood

This collection of poems spans the author’s difficult journey through the trials of cancer and heart-related issues. Her deep spirituality is evident in the reflections of one who trusted in her Maker to guide her through each successive ordeal. Gale’s work is inspirational and uplifting for all that it deals with the heavy subject of serious illness. The author’s grace and quiet fortitude raises the reader’s awareness of the blessings in our lives, even in the most trying times.
Your cross before me.
The olivewood shades of ancient scrolls and scripts,
written on the rosary my hands hold –
constant reminder of Your Holy Presence…
in the wind – flowers – rising sun…
the strength of my husband’s arms,
my sister’s smile,
the blessings sent in the mail…
You are everywhere I am,
holding me in the palm of Your Hand –
in the music of Your Peace –
where I drift in and out of words.
“Thanks to Melissa for doing this event. JUZDIZRTS is such a gift for writers. Much appreciated.” – Joanna Gale
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