Young Adult Author Mark Koning

Young Adult, Fantasy and Fiction Author Mark Koning has joined the JUZDIZRTS Author Event!

From an early age a creative imagination turned into a passion, and it eventually made Mark decide to further enhance his skills by working toward a Creative Writing diploma through the Stratford Career Institute. Graduating with highest honours and with support from family and friends, he began developing his ideas and dabbling in short stories.

Mark has always enjoyed the art of Creative Writing, telling a story, putting it to paper, and sharing with others. Living in a small northern town near the shores of Lake Simcoe, surrounded by the beauty of nature, it is not hard to find inspiration.

Chronicles of a GirlChronicles of a Girl

In a promising new land a war, made from greed, breaks out separating the population that inhabits it. Chaos ensues, lives are lost, and barbaric fighting lasts for months on end while this once civilized nation is cut off from the rest of the world.

The Socialites, some of the most rich and powerful, make a desperate (but sinister) plea for assistance from the outside world. An army is formed to separate the two sides; the rich and proper versus the poor and criminal. The main city becomes forbidden, off limits, and the two sides move away from each other while the army is left to patrol the borders and the city; indefinitely.            

Chronicles of a Girl tells the tale of a very capable and spirited young girl, Chloe Anderson, who is born under unfortunate circumstances. But this young girl is determined to get through any obstacles thrown her way in order to find a life of happiness. Her only problem is that the degrees of difficulty achieving this, seems never ending. Every day she wakes up wondering what nightmare lies ahead, and questions whether or not there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. Regardless of her own dreams, though, for the sake of others she keeps hope alive and vows to never give in.

But with the haunting of a war before her time, the gruelling and unyielding present, and an unknown future, is she in fact capable enough?

“Being involved with the JUZDIZRTS Author Event is like an exciting new adventure for me! I simply love the idea of doing a reading locally, getting the opportunity to share a little of my creative imagination with a community of peers and book enthusiast. I hope to learn, engage and meet new people as much as I hope to provide interest and wonder.”






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