Fiction Author Rick Ferguson

Sports & Fiction Author Rick Ferguson has joined the Spring 2014 JUZDIZRTS Author Event!

Rick Ferguson, 55, is a Bradford resident and has been a Leaf fan for as long as he can remember. The former high-school hockey goalie became intrigued about the team’s inability to capture the Stanley Cup since 1967. It compelled him to consider the possibility the team was “cursed,” and that led him to dream up the idea behind The Ghosts in Maple Leaf Gardens.  Rick is a member of the Bradford Writers Group.

Ghosts in Maple Leaf GardensThe Ghosts in Maple Leaf Gardens

This fictional telling reveals the reason for the team’s long drought, and how Ron Bailey, the Leafs’ young director of player personnel, accidentally uncovers a ‘curse’ that has been placed on the team. Can the curse be lifted? Before he can find the answer to that question, Ron Bailey must investigate how the curse involves a former player – Dale McCaine.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to present my work at an event like JUZDIZRTS. This is a great forum for local artists to showcase their talents, and have a fabulous cup of coffee at the same time.”

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Poet Joanna Gale

Inspirational & Spiritual Poet Joanna Gale has joined the JUZDIZRS Author Event!

Joanna Gale, her pseudonym, has been published in newsletters, chapbooks, and anthologies through The Ontario Poetry Society, in The Saving Bannister, Ascent Aspirations and magazines and other periodicals, as well as on-line. Her first chapbook, Workshop Sketches, was published by Beret Days Press (2007), and more recent poems can be seen in a chapbook collaborative with five other poets called Painting into Writing. She is a retired Registered Nurse, who currently lives in Markham, Ontario, with her husband, not too far from her son and his family.

Grains of the OlivewoodGrains of the Olivewood

This collection of poems spans the author’s difficult journey through the trials of cancer and heart-related issues. Her deep spirituality is evident in the reflections of one who trusted in her Maker to guide her through each successive ordeal. Gale’s work is inspirational and uplifting for all that it deals with the heavy subject of serious illness. The author’s grace and quiet fortitude raises the reader’s awareness of the blessings in our lives, even in the most trying times.
Your cross before me.
The olivewood shades of ancient scrolls and scripts,
written on the rosary my hands hold –
constant reminder of Your Holy Presence…
in the wind – flowers – rising sun…
the strength of my husband’s arms,
my sister’s smile,
the blessings sent in the mail…
You are everywhere I am,
holding me in the palm of Your Hand –
in the music of Your Peace –
where I drift in and out of words.
“Thanks to Melissa for doing this event. JUZDIZRTS is such a gift for writers. Much appreciated.” – Joanna Gale
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Children’s Writer Sherry Loeffler

Mystery Writer, Children’s, & Non-Fiction Novelist Sherry Loeffler has joined the Spring 2014 JUZDIZRSAuthor Event!

Sherry Loeffler is a Canadian writer living in Stouffville, Ontario. She has self published two children’s picture books – BUSY BUZZING BEES and AMBITIOUS ANTSY ANTS. She has published two adult mysteries featuring Tiffany Rose, Jeremy’s mother. Sherry has done children’s programs in her church for many years and has published a Christian children’s book THE GUARDIAN ANGEL: the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of His Guardian angel. Sherry has two children, Tim (wife, Diana) and Hollie, five grandchildren, Kristi, Kyle, Jean-Marc, Victoria and Noah. She also has one great-grandchild, Chloe. She has always wanted to teach children and loves being around them.  She also wants to see more good, moral books on store shelves to  help children develop into moral adults.

List of Works:

THAT DREADED ‘C’ WORD – A non-fiction book about our journey with Cancer.

HOW NOT TO LOSE A LIBRARIAN – An adult mystery, the second in the HOW NOT TO series.

THE CRUISE SHIP THIEF – A Jeremy Rose adventure – a children’s adventure story.

THE GUARDIAN ANGEL – The life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of His Guardian Angel.

GOD LOVES THE CLOWN IN ME – The story of my ministry in clowning and magic to teach children.

The Cruise Ship ThiefThe Cruise Ship Thief – A Jeremy Rose Adventure (ages 7-12)

Jeremy Rose is an adventurous nine year old boy, the son of Tiffany Rose, Chief Librarian on the cruise ship SEAFARER’S MEMORIES. Their Uncle Dexter Conlin is the captain of the ship and he allowed Jeremy to come aboard for the summer to help his mother and to learn from the experience. Their first cruise is to Mexico. A cruise to Alaska follows the next month. Jeremy is excited, but not ready to discover a thief on board. As he says, “Who would believe a nine year old kid?” He learns a lot about Mexico, archaeological digs, treasures as well as a special gift he had which came from God. Enjoy his adventure with him.

I believe the JUZDIZRTS Author Event is a great way to promote authors and let the community know there are authors among them. I was honoured to be a part of one event last year and it encouraged me, as an author, to continue writing. More people should help authors showcase their books and novels. I appreciate Melissa helping authors in this way.”



Poet Kamal Parmar

Poetry & Creative Non-Fiction Writer Kamal Parmar has joined the Spring 2014 JUZDIZRTS Author Event!

Kamal Parmar was born in India and has been passionately involved in writing since high school and her University years. Her genre is poetry and creative non-fiction – she dabbles frequently with Haiku. Her poems are simple, though poised and evocative enough to set the reader thinking. She has books published in UK and India and many publications in reputed US and Canadian literary journals and anthologies. She is a member of the Vaughan Poets Cricle; Haiku Canada; The Writers community of York region and an Associate member of the League of Canadian poets.

In the Rising MistsIn The Rising Mist

Kamal has crafted verses of beauty, life and childhood memories of India. Her verses reflect a poet’s delight in seeing beauty all around us, in self-reflection and quiet appreciation. Her verses speak of her acute observation , sensuousness and an innate sense of being ‘in sync’ with nature. The book aptly titled, ”In The Rising Mist,” highlights her renditions of seasonal changes as well as touches upon the finer nuances of life in India with fondness. Wisdom and naïvete’, twinned with nostalgia are juxtaposed to add to the complexity of thoughts and feelings that swell this volume so full of meaning.

I feel that the JUZDIZRTS event is a dynamic forum in bringing together artists of the written word. It not only showcases their talent but also helps in creating awareness about the written word.”


Thriller Author V. M. Gopaul

Thriller Author V. M. Gopaul has joined has joined the JUZDIZRTS Author Event!

As a software and database specialist, Gopaul wrote seven books for IT professionals. He then turned his attention to writing two books on spirituality, which paved the way for a hidden passion to emerge.  When crafting and completing Tainted Justice, a lifelong dream of Gopaul’s became a reality.  He also wanted to be different, but only time will tell if he is successful.  One thing is for sure: everyday life struggles and triumphs that all of us face come alive in this first novel. He is bent on giving his readers a satisfying experience.

V.M. Gopaul loves fiction writing, it’s his newest passion.  He is currently writing Justice Denied.

Gopaul, husband, and father of two children, lives in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

Tainted Justice Cover Image for V. M. Gopaul   Tainted Justice

Jason McDeere has lost his wife and family, but he’s not losing his job without a fight. His struggle to right the wrongs done to the hundreds of workers outsourced by software giant, Softek, lands him in the middle of a battle he’s ill prepared to fight. When Jason instigates a class action lawsuit against his ex-employer, it becomes apparent that Softek has much more to hide than their manipulation of a few employment laws. As things start to heat up, Jason discovers bugging devices in his house and a private investigator on his tail. Putting his super-nerd-hacker skills to work Jason uncovers the dirty secrets of the private investigator, Softek, and a powerful national politician.

A ruthless political strategist fighting for his candidate’s re-election has a lot to lose…and he is not about to let anything or anyone get in his way. If Jason and his conscience prove to be an obstacle, he knows a very effective way to getting rid of him–permanently. Now Jason’s family is in jeopardy, and he must run fast to save his children’s lives and his own. 

“The JUzDIzRTS Author Event is a great opportunity.  I can’t wait to participate again and meet fellow authors and members of the community.”

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Contemporary Author Sheila Horne

Contemporary Author, Short Story Writer, and Poet Sheila Horne has joined the JUZDIZRTS Author Event!

Sheila Horne started writing short stories as a teenager in Bryan, Texas. She graduated from the George Brown College Creative Writing Program and participates in various writing workshops. She designs and facilitates writing programs in the Toronto area. As a member of The Markham Village Writers and The Writers’ Community of York Region, she enjoys inspiring others to write. Her poems, articles and short stories have been published in anthologies and magazines. Sunshine Girls is her first book.

Sunshine GirlsSunshine Girls

It’s 1973. As Toronto loosens up, four young women must navigate the shifting social currents put in motion by the ‘60s. Ella realizes everything she trusted as a child is a lie. Raynie believes marriage is the easy way out and thinks nothing of having sex with any guy she meets. Jessie would rather face life stoned, while Meg still desperately wants a husband and family. But childhood values and friendships are tested when a car accident sparks a series of life-altering events.

“The JUZDIZRTS Author Event is a wonderful opportunity for writers to promote themselves and their work. It’s also nice to meet other writers, hear what they are writing and to network. We need more of these types of events.”