A Fantastic Event Shared With Wonderful Authors

Glitches & Ghosts in the Attic Aside – The Feedback Has Been Awesome!

Congratulations everyone for making part 2 of JUZDIZRTS An Author Event a truly successful endeavor.  We had a fabulously diverse audience of all ages to match the magnanimous authors for which the event celebrated.

With a turnout of 35+ listeners for the readings and the high-energy conversation that followed during the meet & greet we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

As photos trickle in from various participants and audience members I look forward to posting a collage of the readings for your purview.

I hope to see each and every one of you again next year as the JUZDIZRTS Author Event prepares to partner with the WCYR (Writer’s Community of York Region) and a new book-related venue.

Good luck and happy reading/writing to all!

Melissa Moores, Event Director



2 comments on “A Fantastic Event Shared With Wonderful Authors

    • We were half an hour late starting because the sound equipment would turn on but not amplify. Even the back-up system someone brought from home did the same thing when it worked just fine at her house not 10 min. earlier. I blame it on the spirits of the book room 😉 But once I realized there was no salvaging the use of the microphone we got down to business and played it ‘old school’ – vocal projection! Everyone had a blast though 🙂

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