Excerpt From Sue Battle’s Contemporary Short Story Grandpa

Delight in this delicious dish of decades

An excerpt from Sue Battle’s contemporary short story Grandpa found in the WORDPLAY 2013 Anthology:WORDPLAY Cover

Marv got into his old truck, started it up and headed down Post Road to his favourite spot on earth.  He got himself settled on the riverbank with his line in the water, and he let his mind take him where it would.  The water barely moved and it was so clear today you could almost see the bottom. Just as Marv started to doze a little, he heard branches cracking and turned to see a boy stop and crouch about 10 feet away just looking at him.

     “Hey kid. What are you doing here? Can’t you see I’m fishing? I need complete silence. You get it? Now go home.”

     But the boy did not move. He just settled a little lower and continued to watch Marv.

     “Didn’t you hear me kid? Go away. This is my fishing spot. No one bothers me here.”

     “Why?” said the kid.

     “Just go away.”

     “Hey mister, are you alright?  You don’t look so good.”

     “I’d be a whole lot better if you weren’t here, see!”

     “OK.” said the boy as he turned to leave.

     Marv watched until he was out of sight. Good, he thought.  However, every once in a while he would look around to see if the boy was there but he didn’t come back. Marv admitted to himself that he felt bad about yelling at the kid. But a man needed quiet while fishing.

     The next morning at the diner Marv told Frank about the kid. And they both wondered who he could be. “I don’t know. He could be from that new subdivision over by the dam.” said Marv, “Just out exploring no doubt, but I hope he doesn’t come back cause I’m on my way there now and you know….”

     “Yes, I know,” said Frank. “You want absolute quiet.”

     Marv arrived at his fishing spot and settled into his routine of staring at his fishing line in the water and started to doze off only to hear once again branches cracking and sure enough the boy was back. Marv just glared and said “What are you doing back here? I told you. I need quiet.”

* * *

Don’t miss hearing Sue read at the JUzDIzRTS Author Event Saturday August 17th starting at 1pm!


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