Excerpt From S. D. Livingston’s Novel The Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb

Madeline M - The Secret of the Mummy's TombTake a moment to savour this mouthwatering morsel

Excerpt from The Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb:

Clammy shivers gripped Madeline’s spine. She turned back to the boy but he still lay flopped on his back, catching his breath and wiping sweat from his dirt-streaked face. She turned to face the long stone box. With reluctant steps she crossed the room until she stood next to it. Slowly, hardly daring to look, she forced her eyes downward. Past the half-open lid, into the shadowy corners—and straight into the face of an Egyptian mummy.


Her voice came out as a startled croak.


“It’s a mummy,” she said. “A real mummy.”


Behind her, the boy’s voice seemed very far away. “That’s Shefret,” he said, still out of breath. “This is his tomb.”


It took Madeline a long moment to stop the shaking in her legs. “But mummies are supposed to be old,” she said in a dazed voice. “And this one is—it’s fresh!”


She tore her eyes away from the box to stare at the boy. Her face was a pale, frightened blob in the gloom.


“Where are we?” she asked.


He was sitting up now, looking far more cheerful than Madeline thought he ought to in the circumstances.


“Egypt, near as I can tell,” he replied.


“I know that.” Madeline swallowed. She hardly dared ask the next question. “What I meant was—when are we?”

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