Excerpt From V. M. Gopaul’s Novel Tainted Justice

Here is another appetizing apéritif before the main course.TaintedJustice_Frontcover

An excerpt from V. M. Gopaul’s Thriller Novel Tainted Justice:

Brian Baldwin entered the main office of Softek where he had worked for the last three years. He marched past two security guards who were always talking to each other, but their hawkish eyes constantly scanned people going to and from the office. Brian pressed the security pass at the scanner. The light on it changed from red to green.

It still works.

In a half circular motion he passed through the metal turnstile. Palms sweating, he took the elevator to the twelfth floor where the office of Clint Whitney, the chief information officer, was located. After finding the office empty, he asked Gail Crawford, the executive assistant, “Where’s Clint?”

“Do you have an appointment with Mr. Whitney?” Gail calmly inquired.

“No. I want to talk to him. Right away.”

“Is there anything I can do?”

“No. Where is he? I want to see him now!”

Gail clicked the mouse a couple of times, peeked at the computer screen and said, “He’s not in the office. It’s his lunch hour. Nothing is booked.”

“Where is he?” Brian asked with deadly composure. “Call him.”

Gail first scanned Brian’s face, then the light jacket he was wearing. “What’s your name?” she asked.

“Brian Baldwin.”

She used her best secretary’s voice. “Brian, it looks like you’re angry about something. Can we talk in the room over there?”

“Damn right I’m angry,” he said, fighting back the logjam of emotion in his throat. “I’m losing everything, including my job.”

“You’ll find a new job. Hopefully, soon.”

“No, I’ll find him.” Brian walked away.

Behind him, Brian could hear Gail call Clint’s cell phone and leave a message. Then she called security.

Worried now, Brian rushed to the elevator, pressed the button and waited, tapping the travertine with his toe. When the doors opened, much to Brian’s surprise, Clint Whitney appeared.

* * *

V. M. Gopaul will be reading at the JUzDIzRTS Author Event this Saturday July 27th.  The event begins at 1pm with 7 short readings after which an author meet & greet will take place in the following hour. 

Hope to see you there!


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