Excerpt From Lawrence Segel’s Novel Squaring the Circle

SquaringthecirclecoverHere’s a tasty morsel to tantalize your taste buds…

Excerpt from Squaring the Circle by Lawrence Segel

“I can speak only for myself, and I’m not going to judge you. That’s for a higher power,” he paused and gathered his thoughts. “There’s a simple explanation to all this. You have tremendous guilt over your past. It wasn’t moving a casket that shook you to your core, but moving the casket of a Holocaust survivor. All the repressed guilt you feel from your wartime actions came to the surface. Your reaction was natural in such a situation.”
Stokowski pushed his hand away, looked up suddenly and yelled, “There was nothing natural about that day, you fool! When I was in the grave, I could feel Goldberg. I could feel power, anger, and rage. It was real, too real, and, and—I’m dead.”
David threw up his hands, “You’re only dead because you believe you’re going to die. Don’t you see that the only way for it to kill you is by giving it power over you?”
Stokowski smiled a frightening smile, “It, it? You believe there was a ghost, too.”
David shook his head vigorously, “I’m not talking about ghosts. Stop it about ghosts! Great emotion or passion can imprint an area so that others pick up on those vibrations. My grandmother says that’s what’s meant by the atmosphere of a place. You were picking up old vibrations from your own past. They’ll only harm you if you allow your mind to give them power over you.”
Stokowski looked skeptically at him, “You’re very smart with your scientific theories, but answer me this? Did you look in that hole?”
David nodded, slowly.
“Did you see the arm?”
“The what?” David said, dreading the next topic of conversation.
“The tattooed arm, for God’s sake.”
David took a deep breath, “Yes, I saw it,” he whispered, reluctantly.
Stokowski took a deep breath and then raised his hand to his neck. He pointed to a large bruise on his neck in the shape of fingers. “The reason that arm was hanging out of the casket is because it reached for my throat. I was shoveling the dirt and all of a sudden a dead arm comes out of the closed casket and grabs my neck. How do you explain that Mr. Scientist? Guilt from my past?”

Be sure to catch Lawrence’s reading at the Richmond Hill JUzDIzRTS Author Event at Covernotes on Saturday July 27th!

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