JUzDIzRTS Official Flyer

The JUzDIzRTS Author Eventsapproved-stamp

It’s official – The first JUzDIzRTS Event takes place on Saturday July 27th at 1 pm at the Covernotes in Richmond Hill.  Our author line up is bursting at the seams with eager local celebrities who can’t wait to reach out and connect with the public.

Follow this link to the official Event Poster:

JUZDIZRTS 2013 Event Flyer

Each author will be given a 10 minute window in which to read an excerpt from their book, speak a little about themselves and their accomplishments, and point out to the crowd where they will be sitting during the meet & greet to follow.  Authors of the anthology will share the time allotted.

The Richmond Hill Line Up – July 27th

Thriller Author V. M. Gopaul – Tainted Justice

Travel Author Jim Scott – On Five Continents and Three Oceans

Thriller Author Lawrence Segel – Squaring the Circle

Fantasy Author Lindsay Leggett – Flight 

Eclectic Author Sherry Loeffler – That Dreaded ‘C’ Word

Contemporary Fiction Author Ruth E. Walker – Living Underground

Short Fiction Anthology Authors Blair Thackway & Julie Achtermeier – WORDPLAY 2013

The Newmarket Line Up – August 17th

Thriller Author V. M. Gopaul – Tainted Justice

Fantasy Author Adrienne Clarke – To Dance In Liradon

Travel Author Murielle Bollen – Tasting Life Around the World

Historical Author Isobel Warren – In Them Days

Children’s Author S. D. Livingston – The Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb: A Madeline M. Mystery

Short Fiction Anthology Authors Erika Willaert & Sue Battle – WORDPLAY 2013

Hope to See You There!


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