JUzDIzRTS Has Got Swag!

“Merchandising, merchandising-“

– Mel Brooks in Spaceballs the movieTravel Mug - Swag

Since JUzDIzRTS is a not-for-profit event, I had to think of a way to not only spread the word about this new opportunity but make a bit of money for future yearly events.

I have added a tab to the website that will bring you to the JUzDIzRTS Swag Store where you can purchase anything from t-shirts to mugs to tote bags and caps with the JUzDIzRTS logo.

One dollar from every item goes toward supporting the event.  This year my friend, Thriller author V. M. Gopaul, has graciously footed the publicity bill for all the printing costs but I would like the event to be as self-sufficient as possible in the years to come.

Check out the JUzDIzRTS Swag Store and consider Author-izing Yourself at this year’s event!

Melissa Moores, Event Director


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