Children’s Author S. D. Livingston

Children’s Mystery Series author S. D. Livingston has joined the JUzDIzRTS Author Event!

S.D. Livingston found her niche after publishing in several other genres. Her first novel, a historical romance, was published by Avalon Books in 2008. She soon followed that up with two self-published books, including the political thriller Kings of Providence.

But her literary heart really belongs to the stories that enchanted her as a kid, and there’s nothing she enjoys quite like working out the twists and turns of a spine-chilling mystery for young readers.

She’s a member of The Writers’ Union of Canada, and lives in Newmarket with her husband.

Madeline M - The Secret of the Mummy's TombS.D. Livingston will be reading from the first book in her new middle-grade series, The Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb.

On a creaking, windblown night, 11-year-old Madeline Mott’s dad disappears from the museum. He’s the Keeper of Unusual Items, so it’s no surprise that she finds a strange amulet on his desk. And when the amulet jolts her deep into the past she soon discovers where her dad’s gone—to ancient Egypt!

But she won’t have much luck finding him if she can’t get rid of Jack, a street urchin whose talent for picking pockets leads Madeline to discover it was the same amulet that swept him into the past, too.

He insists that Madeline can help him get back to Victorian London, and when the pharaoh’s palace turns out to conceal a startling secret, it might just be the clue to the entire mystery.

This is the first book in the Madeline M. series, and it launches Madeline and Jack on their time-travel adventures in an ancient land full of mummies, tomb robbers, and man-eating crocodiles. For readers 8-12.

“The JUzDIzRTS events are a perfect example of the right place finding the right time. Today’s local writers are on their way to being tomorrow’s bestsellers. What better way for readers to discover them, and for authors to connect with their audience? It’s a winning combination all around—with a great cup of coffee on the side!”

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