Event Update As Promised

Prospective Time Tableupdate

Hello everyone!

As promised, I am here with an update on how the JUzDIzRTS Author Events are coming together.

We have 7 confirmed authors!

1 author is in a ‘holding pattern’: who may very well lose her spot as of tomorrow 😦 (she emailed a request to join but has since not answered any of my email…)

2 authors are ‘interested’ but yet to be identified/confirmed: they will share a reading slot for an anthology they have recently been published in.

The Newmarket Event in August is fully booked!

Our current “tentative” dates for the events are as follows:

RICHMOND HILL – Saturday July 27th from 1pm-3pm

NEWMARKET – Saturday August 17th from 1pm-3pm

If you know of any other local authors who might be interested in joining the Richmond Hill event please let them know there is one definite space available for consideration, possibly 2.

I hope you have been enjoying our Author Spotlights and are anticipating meeting them all 🙂  I am hoping to be able to list the official roster of authors for each event by the beginning of next week, at which time an invite will go out to all authors to notify them of the ‘rehearsal’ schedule (more to come on that soon).

I look forward to meeting all our wonderful authors in person and sharing in the delight of their masterpieces.


Melissa Moores, Event Director


2 comments on “Event Update As Promised

  1. Is that WORDPLAY that’s identified as tentative. Because we are anything but tentative. We’re all delighted to be part of the project but could not pin down our writers until the dates were available. I am available for August 17 for a ten-minute read from In Them Days. I will bring two WORDPLAY writers for a five-minute read each. I will confirm their names now that I know the dates. I’m not available for July 27 but will be delighted to send two WORDPLAY writers to read from their stories. Again, I’ll have to run the date past them but you can be assured of our enthusiastic participation. All good? Thanks, isobel.

    • Dear Isobel,
      I indeed have you booked on the roster for the Newmarket event as discussed 🙂 I await your author spotlight material…
      While I know in spirit your WORDPLAY contributors are “in for the long haul” I just could not list them as 100% confirmed until I knew who and when – but their spot is tentatively reserved 😀 Their status will change as soon as we lock down the logistics. If possible, I would like a couple of readers for the July event in Richmond Hill since Newmarket is ‘full.’ However, I could slide in the shorter readings I mentioned at the Newmarket event if they would prefer to be at your reading. I would consider two different representatives at each location, if possible, and the offer for time at both locations would only hold if I cannot fill my last 2 potential slots. Send me a direct email if this is clear as mud.

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