Thriller Author Lawrence Segel

Thriller author Lawrence Segel has joined the JUzDIzRTS Author Event!

Dr. Segel is a freelance medical journalist with hundreds of articles published on such subjects ranging from medical humour, infamy and blunders, to the history of medicine, and medicine in literature.

He has published two novels: the 2012 New Age reincarnation thriller “Squaring the Circle” and a 2013 medical-legal drama, “Informed Consent.”

Dr. Segel lives in Aurora with his two dogs, and has a keen interest in various occult paths from both Western and Eastern traditions.

SquaringthecirclecoverDr. Lawrence Segel will be reading from “Squaring the Circle.”

Perhaps, the ultimate vengeance comes from the grave!
Squaring the Circle is a New Age thriller.  It is an atypical ghost story that addresses humankind’s darkest history, yet shines light on the possibility of finding redemption through alternative other-worldly forces.  Squaring the Circle may be an impossible mathematical equation, but this book offers answers that defy logic.
“This event is an excellent forum for writers to meet each other and develop an audience for their works.  Writing seems to be such a vicious circle of frustration.  No one wants to publish or read you unless you are already published and well known.  I’m sure this event will have many undiscovered talents present, but not so undiscovered once it is over.  Thank you for all your help.”

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