“What’s In A Name…”

“that which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

Why JUzDIzRTS as the name for an author event?

It works well on a few different levels.  The spoken name “Just Deserts” has dual meaning in that not only are the events being held in a Café/Coffee House known for selling deserts and other tantalizing treats, but the concept that every author deserves his or her “just deserts” for all the hard work put in to making a published work of literature just seemed to fit well.

Okay, so why not call it “Just Deserts” then?

My gut response to this question is simply, “What would be the fun in that?”  I believe that writers need to have some reservoir of humour to pull from in order to be able to ‘plug through’ and ‘carry on’ in the face of adversity – yes adversity Writing anything is difficult enough with all of the plotting and organization that is required just to get a work completed, and then writers today (be they self-published or newly published traditionally) now have to become publicists.  If the struggle is worth it, most writers will be able to find a moment from that time of adversity to laugh at themselves and delight in the print volume they now hold in their hands.

Vanity plates on motor vehicles draw the eye of drivers and passengers alike.  The promise of something more hidden in the jumble of letters begs viewers to figure out the hidden message.  Authors, too, work on the same premise – Not only has their work been pared down and edited into a new form and reborn for the world at large rising like the phoenix from the ash of what used to be, but the idea that there is always more to a story or poem than at first meets the eye is what often draws readers in. 

Therefore, in celebration for all that authors are, I wanted to highlight in a subtle way those crucial traits that make them unique and give them their well-earned JUzDIzRTS.

Melissa Moores, Event Director


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